While providing fresh air intake and exhaust, Louvers can also provide architectural style to building design. With the variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes available, Louvers can add unusual and appealing features to exterior and interior elevation. Our louvers are available in depths ranging from 1.5" to 12", and can accommodate various blade angles with high free area.



  1. Acoustical Louvers

    They are designed for maximum sound reduction when space is limited. They are aesthetically pleasing and available in various material types intended to be used where space is limited. Accessories: Flanges, Bird Screen, Powder-Coat Finish, Structural Design Services for Large Louver Banks and Walls.

  2. Sand Trap Louvers

    These are designed for fresh air intake in HVAC systems, which are designed to separate large size sand particles at low air velocities thus avoiding excessive dust loading on conventional secondary stage filters. They give excellent performance for air filtration and moderate pressure drops at low air velocities.

  3. Adjustable Louvers

    Adjustable louvers are operational from fully open to fully close for positive shut off of air intake or exhaust. Models are provided with a locking hand actuator in standard, but may be provided with a variety of optional factory installed pneumatic, electric, or manual actuators. Concealed linkage for corrosion resistance and higher free area, optional blade and jamb seals for tight closure, rugged construction for heavy duty airflows.

  4. Air Measuring Louvers

    Airflow measuring louvers combine the functions of an outside air louver and an air measuring station in one assembly. The high performance wind-driven rain resistant louvers allow high airflow with minimal water penetration and pressure drop. These products are particularly well suited for air handler and plenum applications.

  5. Penthouse louvers

    Penthouse offer clean lines, mitered corners, all aluminum construction, removable hoods and weather resistant blades. Custom louvered penthouses are also available to meet your specifications.

  6. Extreme Performance Louvers and Grilles

    Louver and Grille products listed in this catalog section are designed and tested for extreme weather conditions. "Extreme Performance" Louvers and Grilles are recommended to meet or surpass requirements of severe weather conditions, while protecting life and property.