We represent The Pate Company (USA); the pate company® has developed its own special area of expertise. It has helped industrial America put a better roof over its head-one that won't leak.

Particularly in low-rise construction, roofs are penetrated by ducts, pipes, hatches and skylights and support air conditioners, blowers and other roof-mounted equipments. Unless they are properly curbed and supported, roof openings and rooftop loads can be a source of leaks.

Roof leakage was the problem that brought the pate company® into existence and onto the construction scene, with water-tight product designs for projects involving roof penetration and equipment support. Since its inception in 1963 the company has concentrated on leakage problems and on prefabricating solutions to them. pate prefabs are more durable and adaptable than units improvised on the job. And their time-saving installation saves building costs. They provide long-term roof protection-proved all over the U.S., on every type of roof, in all weather conditions.

Roof after roof and year after year, commercial and industrial architects and engineers specify pate roof products more frequently than any others. That speaks well not only for product quality but for the company's attractive pricing and ability to deliver on time.

Shown on the following pages is the innovative line of pate roof products for conventional or metal buildings. Included are roof curbs, pipe seals, pipe curb assemblies, and pipe roller supports, equipment bases and supports, expansion joint curbing, and other roof accessories.

But your options don't stop there; pate can customize its products for special architectural needs or mechanical equipment requirements. However . . . whenever . . . wherever you go through the roof, pate roof products are the way to go.