Raised Access Floor

Delta Project Systems provides a unique approach to Raised Access Floors implementation offering clients optimized designs to ensure a balance of functionality, constructability and cost effectiveness which is maintained throughout the entire life cycle of your project.

Our panels are designed and manufactured to meet the Global raised flooring specifications e.g. PSA PF2 PS (UK); BSEN12825 (UK); CISCA (USA) & AS 4154-1993 (Australia).

We’re constantly striving for sustainability. We’re absolutely committed to minimizing our impact on the natural environment, which in turn helps you, our customer in your environmental commitment.

Our principal – ASP (AUSTRALIA): KINGSPAN (UK): ASM (USA): TECHNOGIVEX (ITALY): DELTA (USA/CHINA) are the leading global companies with which we expertise in the manufacture, distribution and installation of Raised Access Floors in Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries.

We supply a wide range of products: Steel Cementations Raised Floors, Calcium Sulphate Raised Floors, Wood Core Raised Floors or Encompassing Steel Encased Chipboard Core Raised Flooring Systems ready to accept loose lay carpet, vinyl, PVC, HPL and are the high quality panels for data centers, power plants, meeting rooms, offices, hospitals, industrial plants etc.

Our panels are laminated with wood stone or granite, offering systems enhanced with acoustic properties and even systems that provide an economical raised flooring platform.



Types of Panels:

  1. All Steel Panels

  2. Concrete Panels

  3. Steel Cement Panels

  4. Woodcore or Chipboard Panels

  5. Calcium Sulphate Panels

  6. Aluminum Panels

  7. Perforated Panels

  8. Accessories: Grommets, Panel Lifters, Trim Materials, Ramp, Steps, & floor boxes.

Architectural Finishes for Access Floor Systems:

  1. Bare finished Panels: Ready to accept any finishes

  2. Carpet

  3. High Pressure Laminate

  4. Anti-Static Vinyl

  5. PVC

  6. Stone

  7. Hard Wood

  8. Soft Tile

  9. Terrazzo

  10. Porcelain


A raised access floor provides a void below floor level which is capable of routing building services to their required destination. These services will typically include the following

  1. Electrical power

  2. Data

  3. Telecoms

  4. Hvac; environmental control / air conditioning

  5. Fire detection and suppression

  6. Security

  7. Water and drainage.